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Best Tips for Individual Fundraising

Fundraising for Individuals

Best Individual Fundraising platform

Make your plan and strategy of fundraising

Every single aspect of your progress starts with a plan. If you think you don’t need to have any plan because you are an individual, this is a mistake. Unplanned fundraising creates confusion and missed prospects.  Before starting or continuing your individual fundraising efforts, best way is to write down an individual giving plan. It may be fundraising for Funeral, Fundraising platform for memorial, Fundraising for accidents and personal crisis, Sorority fundraising, or a Fraternity fundraising.

Know your audience.

While every non-profit fundraising team dreams of lock up the support of a large, and spread their reach to a broader audience. Do not

Do not overlook this strategy if you are starting an individual fundraising campaign.

Be creative

Like negotiating business deals, there are numerous ways you can engage donors without simply asking for a check. Engage your donors with number of creative ways. Proper use of gifts, show them reports of the impacts of their donations or giving, make a creative and attractive pitch.

Give your mission a focus take it to center of the stage

Individual fundraising depends on many factors: your connections, your donors’ links, your team’s fundraising capabilities, and your promotion quality – Each one matters as well as your mission. Make your mission clear to the audience. Give it more value and focus, easy reachable towards the donors. Give your mission a value so others can’t avoid it.

What is the best platform to raise funds for Individual?

There are many fundraising platforms to raise funds for Non-profits and Individuals. But it is highly recommended to choose the one which one has worked with trusted brands previously and  have all in one solution with good customer support.  For example Missio™ is one of the best platform in the market.
Missio™ provides services such as Peer to Peer Fundraising, Donation and Pledge management system, Donor CRM, Event Management and Ticketing, Volunteer management,  Email Marketing software.




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Fundraising Opportunity for Charities

Fundraising Opportunity for Charities

Missio Peer to peer crowdfunding

Fundraising for charity is not just a means of raising money, but also an opportunity to promote the message and goals of a charity.
all of above, without the goals being clearly explained and set out, nobody will be interested to donate.

To set a goal for your charity ensures that the charity can continue funding and helping its cause, for example funding research.

Online Fundraising can spread across a huge variety of different platforms. Online fundraising platforms are a common platform, and the one that our software best in. Effective Online fundraising means of connecting with the audience and ensuring that the cause and the goals are clearly set out for potential donor.

A sensitive and caring approach is needed to capture people’s attention; with tact and care, a nonprofit can influence people to make your crowdfunding campaign successful.

We at Missio™ pride ourselves on delivering a fully comprehensive online fundraising solution to Charities/Non-profits, Individuals. We ensure that a Charity or Individual doesn’t just survive but thrive in the current economic climate with the help of our giving platform. We work with charities of all sizes and of all causes. We believe that our help can truly make a change for charities who would else have difficulty for spreading the word and the goals of their organization.

We provide you the best giving platform to raise fund for charities and individuals. We have all which you need to create and promote your online fundraising campaign.

We are interested to provide you our free demo and help you run a easy to use fundraising campaign for your Non-profit for Charity. Get a free demo .

What Peer to Peer Fundraising all about? How Missio can be Beneficial?

Peer to Peer Fundraising and How Missio™ can help?

Missio Peer to peer crowdfunding

One of the best techniques to appeal for funds is through a strategy called peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising.

The secret of this method is, how nonprofits are able to share personal connections between friends, family, neighbors, and acquaintances to raise funds and awareness in an efficient, cost-effective way.

The peer-to-peer (P2P) method of donation is one of the best ways to outreach the potential audience. This relatively new interaction method has developed along with social media and the rise of crowdfunding, with charitable groups applying this approach to their causes. By following up donors who are already involved with a nonprofit’s mission to get in touch with their friends and family, these organizations can grow their base for potential donations and raise awareness with less effort than is required for many traditional methodologies. Although the concept of peer-to-peer fundraising brings up some unique concerns, it also offers access to hard-to-reach groups and can lead to a significant increase in donations.

Peer-to-peer fundraisers take a similar approach to crowdfunding sites such as Missio™ , where individuals and Non-Profits gather necessary finances by tying into social media and sharing the activity of contributors. By get into the prospective value of their Facebook friends, Twitter followers and other social media friends, these stakeholders do more than just make a contribution: they grow awareness of a nonprofit’s cause and motivate contributions from their friends and family. Method  is specifically effective .

Peer to Peer (P2P) allows to create the most personalized approach possible. This approach allows the staff members to interact with fundraisers in person, and agrees them to invite friends & family to an event as well.

Missio™ provides additional advantage of the peer-to-peer approach,

Peer to peer benefit with Missio™ :

  • Quick fundraising page setup which enables participants to be up and get donations in minutes
  • All personal fundraising pages, which are responsive and supported on all mobile platforms
  • Supporters can easily share via Facebook and Twitter, email, and even embed fundraising forms and real-time progress displays on their personal blog, website and Facebook page
  • Simple tracking of offline donations provides a more complete view of results
  • A campaign dashboard enables administrators to configure status bars and monitor overall progress in real time
  • A Self-service center enables real-time updates, changes and emails, reducing support time
  • Best Fundraising solution for Nonprofits and Individuals.

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Raising money for charity using Facebook

Raising money for charity using facebook

Your Facebook Page acts as a platform for current donors and potential donors to connect with your organization or Charity. Globally, people spend more than 50 minutes a day on Facebook. That’s a lot of prospect to get your non-profit organization in front of new people, which is especially important if you’re trying to improve individual donations or a fundraising event.

Using Facebook to reach out to donors is free, powerful, and it works. Here are 3 tips you can use and why it’s so important to start using them:

Number of followers of your charity, online audience reach can limits your fundraising goal.

Growing your social media following is a lot like building online contacts for your charity. Why is this important?  Its important because, the amount you hope to raise online is limited by the amount of online contacts or followers you have. So, you can easily reach to your followers for raising money for charity.

So what are a few ways you can start growing your following today?

Using Facebook Events for your Charity

Does your organization or charity host in-person events to raise money?  Whether it’s for raising money, provide services, or to rally for a cause – you should start making your events on Facebook.

  • Facebook uses their unique logic which automatically find and tell individuals about the event of your charity if they’re nearby and potentially interested to join – especially if they have friends with same interest.
  • When somebody attends your event on Facebook (or is planning to), it will share that information with their Facebook contacts.
  • People planning on attending will receive notifications for reminders related to the event, which will improve overall event attendance.

If you want to make an impact, have a give-away for event attendees but make liking your page a requirement. This will incentivize them to do so and since they’re already attending your event, it’s something they wouldn’t mind doing.

Fundraising at an in-person event? Missio™ is mobile-friendly, allowing you to raise money wherever you host your event!

Curate Engaging Posts

Eye-catching posts are ones that receive many likes, reactions, shares or comments. The more engaging post is will get identify more by Facebook, it as being important, to improve your organic reach. this will help you get your content in front of more people and that helps you to raise money.

Here are some tips to keep in mind the next time you’re creating your next post:

  • Its important to tag your friends or group of friends or a organization with your event . Mentioning someone in your post increases chance to get shared and improve your audience reach.
  • When you are posting your content to Facebook its important to post imagery or Video or info graphics are always winner then plain text. Posts that have a pictorial element gets more engagements then any plain text.
  • Running a great contest? These gets more share than any other, this alone is an extremely effective approach for generating new page likes and will eventually put your organic reach in the 5-figure range.

Do a Peer-to-Peer Campaign

If you want to grow online individual contributions and improve your presence on social media, peer-to-peer campaigns are the answer. They endlessly see success because you get the best of both worlds of both online fundraising and social media.

They work together so well for many organizations or charity have the potential to do the same for yours – you just need the platform to do it.

Missio™ can help you reach your goals with P2P campaigns, just like we’ve done for other leading non-profits who trust our platform.

Useful tips to gain more trust and attention from your donors



Useful tips to gain more trust and attention from your  donors


Start with a Strong Headline

The single most effective way to improve a donation page is with a clear and compelling page headline. An attractive headline makes your page different  from others .

Display Powerful Images

Graphical representations are more powerful than words when it comes to communicating how a donor’s gift can help others. Feature an image that reinforces your core message and mission, or is connected to the campaign theme. A good headline, photo, and value proposition will combine together to improve giving on the page.

Offer Multiple Giving Options

There’s a wider range of supporters visiting your website, following you on social channels, and subscribed to your email list than ever before. Your supporters can be from all ages, using different devices, in many different countries, and from many different financial circumstances.

Make sure your donation pages provide both flexibility and clarity to meet a broad range of donor preferences around giving options (one-time gifts, monthly gifts, gifts in honor, and gifts of stock). Also give people flexibility in how they donate (via credit card brands, Paypal, and checking account debits).

Offer Monthly Giving as a Clear Option

Monthly giving is the fastest growing type of online giving. Donors are often comfortable increasing the amount of their annual giving if they can break it into 12 payments. Plus, monthly donors have a longer “lifetime value”: they give more over time. This win-win should encourage you to consider whether and how to feature the monthly giving option on your donation pages.

Display Security and Trust Seals

Show trust to visitors and donors by showing your social works gallery, your team members etc.
It’s helpful to display both security and trust seals on your donation page. These seals help make prospective donors confident that their personal information won’t be compromised.  Also install encryption and SSL certificates to gain more trust from your donors

If you need more help for your non-profits, we at Missio™ offer best all in one fundraising software contact us to know more.

Peer to Peer Fundraising

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Our Peer-to-Peer Fundraising leverages the social media and viral effect of the internet. Fundraisers gain support from leveraging their network of close friends and family. People are more inclined to give to a cause for like a child on the Autism Spectrum from a loved one that from an unknown solicitor.

An organization allows, via the Peer to Peer platform, supporters the ease and opportunity to translate their enthusiasm for the nonprofit and its mission to dollars to help the nonprofit thereby furthering the organizations cause. The P2P platform is easy to use and a speedy process for individuals, teams, groups, schools or businesses to create a personal fundraiser page for and share campaigns and events worldwide. The Peer to Peer platform is another vehicle for the annual donation asks or other direct campaigns.

The larger the individual network the larger the reach or viral potential for donations. By tapping into the network of supporters, the nonprofit accesses a new population of donors separated by one degree of relationship separation.

  • Quick fundraising page setup enables participants to be up and fundraising in minutes
  • Supporters can easily share, Facebook share, tweet, email and even embed fundraising forms and real-time progress displays on their personal blog, website and Facebook page
  • All personal fundraising pages are responsive and supported on all mobile platforms
  • Simple tracking of offline donations provides a more complete view of results
  • A campaign dashboard enables administrators to configure status bars and monitor overall progress in real time
  • Self-service center enables real-time updates, changes and emails, reducing support time