Best tips to gain more trust and attention from your donors

By | August 29, 2017

Best tips to gain more trust and attention from your  donors


Start with a Strong Headline

The single most effective way to improve a donation page is with a clear and appealing page headline. An attractive and catchy headline makes your page different  from others .

Display Powerful Images

Graphical representations are more powerful than words when it comes to communicating how a donor’s gift can help others. Feature an image that reinforces your core message,vision, and mission, or is connected to the campaign theme. A good headline, photo, and value proposition will combine together to increase giving on the page.

Offer Multiple Giving Options

There’s a wider range of supporters visiting your website, following you on social channels, and subscribed to your email list than ever before. Your supporters can be from all ages, using different devices, in many different countries, and from many different financial circumstances.

Make sure your donation pages provide both flexibility and clarity to meet a broad range of donor preferences around giving options (one-time gifts, monthly gifts, gifts in honor, and gifts of stock). Also give people flexibility in how they donate (via credit card brands, Paypal, and checking account debits).

Offer Monthly Giving as a Clear Option

Monthly giving is the fastest type of online giving. Donors are often comfortable increasing the amount of their annual giving if they can divide it into 12 payments. Plus, monthly donors have a longer “lifetime value”: they give more over time. This win-win should motivate you to consider whether and how to feature the monthly giving option on your donation pages.

Display Security and Trust Seals

Show trust to visitors and donors by showing your social works gallery, your team members etc.
It’s really helpful to display both security and trust seals on your donation page. These seals help make prospective donors confident that their personal information won’t be compromised.  Also install encryption and SSL certificates to gain more trust from your donors

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