The Year of the Blog!

By | June 8, 2016

blogging-employees1Nonprofits, this is the year to start an amazing blog.

You can’t afford to wait any longer. Today, more than ever, a blog is simply one of the best investments your organization can make.

Donors give us gifts. It’s time to give one back. Blogging is the ultimate gift. It benefits you as much as your readers.

Your nonprofit can make a big impact by blogging. Blogging gets the word out about what you do to a wider audience than you could ever hope or imagine.

The great thing about a blog is that it is free. Nonprofits are always looking for ways to save money. Blogging is something that will cost you nothing, but what you will get in return will be amazing.

When writing a blog, there are 3 audiences that you are going to attract:

1. The cheerleader. This is the person who truly believes in your purpose and mission. This person will read anything that you write because they are passionate about your organization. They love your organization and carry your banner with boldness.

2. The casual donor. This person likes your organization. They will talk about your “mission and purpose” to other people if the subject comes up. They may even give a donation from time to time.  These are the people who your blog will make an impact on. It can make them true believers!

3. The hesitant donor. This is the person who might donate a small gift and they know a tiny bit about your organization.  This is a huge target area, because these people may not even remember that they ever gave you a donation. If they start receiving your blog because they are a donor, they may pass on reading the emailed blog the first time. The second time they get your email they will be more inclined to open it and see what the organization is really about. This is your chance to WOW them!

You don’t have to be a GREAT writer, but when blogging you do need to make sure that your blog isn’t too wordy. Make it interesting and give it a personal feel. Using stories about what your organization has accomplished will make your blog stand out.

Try to blog once a week or at least twice a month. In no time you will have many blog followers who will know more about your passion and mission and will definitely have something to talk about. Remember, when you care for and tender and cultivate a garden, don’t be surprised that it might, one day, grow fruit. More donations. More traffic. More fans.

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