5 Best Practices of Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Online

By | November 14, 2016


5 Best Practices of Peer-To- Peer Fundraising Online

Peers are often your best friends and if you need help, your peers are usually the ones who come forward. This is also true for fundraising! The Digital Giving Index has already established that 18% of all funds raised online is through P2P campaigns. Even a Stanford Social Innovation Review study has revealed that 50% of the donors prefer social networks for making donations because they find transacting easier and transparent. Today you have smartphones and social media and it is fairly easy for you to leverage these and other technologies for effective fundraising.

All this taken into account, fundraising still requires those age old skills – you need marketing, you need sales skills and you need to present your proposition effectively for people to sit up and notice your campaign. There are those who think that they cannot sell; that they don’t want to annoy their peers and contacts and that they cannot bring themselves to beg for funds. But all these thoughts are states of mind – when it comes to peer-to-peer fundraising, there are effective techniques that help you. Combine these techniques with online technology and you can sail home easily.

Since we are talking about online fundraising here, we will not get into the basic strategies that include setting your goals and all that. We will straightaway dive into the online strategies that can help kick-off your online peer-to- peer fundraising campaign.

1. Use the best peer-to-peer fundraising platform

There are several peer-to-peer fundraising platforms that help you enlist supporters in your local community. Using these platforms, your supporters can tell their stories using an online platform. Plenty of multimedia can be added to the online platform to make your campaign effective that creates impact on the viewers’ mind. Also, social media can be used to popularize it. A dynamic progress meter shows how much fund has been raised so far and the way to go to achieve the target – prompting people to contribute. All the pages in the online platform can be linked to the donations page.

As far as picking the peer-to-peer fundraising platform is concerned, concentrate on a platform that has integration options, can be customized for mobile phones and offers you reports and analytics. Missio has focused on providing next-generation fundraising solutions to handle all devices and make sharing your donation pages easy and highly effective.

2. Use visuals

Nothing tells a story better than visuals and the biggest advantage of using an online peer-to-peer fundraising campaign is that you can use all the photos and videos that you want. Let people talk about their experiences, add sound bytes and include plenty of photos of successful campaigns that document your sincere efforts. 52% of marketing experts say that nothing beats videos when it comes to marketing ROI and this is something that you should seriously consider! As far as promoting your content is concerned, social media is always there to help amplify your cause.

3. Use gamification for your supporters

One of the best things about peer-to- peer fundraising is that success is not considered as sales success but as an act of humanity. Gamification is one of the best tools for you to use to bring in competitiveness among your supporters and this can be done online. You can encourage team fundraising through gamification where you have a leaderboard and badges on completion of certain milestones. The kind of intensity gamification brings to peer-to-peer fundraising is seen to be believed and you will fall in love with the concept instantly.

4. Use the right online tools

Who says that email campaigns have lived their life? When you have your emails designed effectively and have a strategy in place for the distribution of the emails, there will be no dearth of donations. Have your distribution list in place and do a lot of things with the recipients – talk about the need for funds, tell them about your progress, let them see how their money is benefiting those who are in need and subtly ask them to contribute.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can do wonders for your online peer-to- peer fundraising. And the best part of using social media is that you don’t need to invest a lot – a bit of innovative thinking and dedication to the cause and your campaign is surely going to see the light of success.

5. Use expert help

An online platform for peer-to- peer fundraising cannot be done by you writing a few lines and adding photos and videos. There are strategies that need to be put in place and you need a design that compels people to donate. For all this, you need someone who can design the platform in the most effective manner. And don’t forget mobile optimization because more people access the internet on their handheld devices than ever before. This does take some money but believe me, the results can be astoundingly effective!

Online peer-to-peer fundraising helps you interact with your proposed donors without meeting all of them face-to-face. It is all about appealing to their humanitarian side in an interesting manner. The job is not difficult – you just need to put your heart and mind into your fundraising effort. Technology can do wonders for your online peer-to- peer fundraising and using these means mentioned here, no target is unachievable.

To learn more about how Missio’s peer-to-peer fundraising solutions can help you spread your mission farther and faster, please Contact Us!

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