5 Elements of Great Nonprofit Blogs

By | August 17, 2016


When it comes to blogging, do you fire up the computer getting ready to start writing to find that you are just sitting and staring at the computer and not sure what to say? Do you think to yourself…”Oh, great! I need to get a blog on our website. This is the last thing I need today.”? We are here to help with some strategies that will make blogging interesting for you and your readers. There are a few key aspects of a nonprofit blogs that make the great stand out from the average. If you’re looking to achieve a “best-in-class” blog that supports your nonprofit’s cause and inspires your readers, here’s what your organization should keep in mind when striving for a successful, engaging blog.

1) Provide interactive communication.

Not only does your blog highlight your compelling stories, but it should be a place for communicating with your readers and supporters. Simply asking your audience for their input on a blog post or story creates that dialogue. It reminds your readers that there are actual people on the other end, supporting your mission from the inside. A blog is a great place to discuss issues, share success stories, and gain feedback on your content. It’s also a place for your donors to communicate with each other.

2) Tell and share personal stories.

The most powerful blog posts connect the reader emotionally to the story being told especially when they are told through video. Individuals respond on a deeper level when they see something that stirs their emotions. Give your cause a great way to communicate through video. Sometimes the video can be of an event that you held, telling about the success of the event and how much you earned. Maybe you overshot your goal, maybe you were under your goal. The video can strike heartstrings and lead to a donation. This is a great way to make more “asks” through a non-threatening venue.

3) Make Donating Interesting.

Explaining how a donation directly impacts your organization’s mission is sometimes made easier with numbers. You can tie the donation amount to singular units For example, let’s say you are raising funds to purchase mosquito nets. The nets cost $10.00 each. Let your readers know that when someone donates $10, for example, the organization is able to purchase a mosquito net for one child living in a country where malaria and other blood-borne diseases are rampant. THIS WORKS!!!!!!!

4) Thank people for their volunteer efforts.

If your organization has ways that people can volunteer their time, such as sitting on or chairing a committee, fundraising for your cause, or helping out at events, you can use blog posts to highlight their efforts. By spotlighting your constituents and what they have done to help your organization, you get a triple benefit. One, you’re thanking people for their time and effort, which always makes your volunteers happy; two, you inspire others to become involved; and three, when you spotlight people, they naturally tell their friends, family and co-workers through social media and email, which drives even more people back to your blog and spreads awareness instantly. I saw this very thing happen right before my eyes when I was asked to plan a large fundraising event that involved a live and silent auction. I reached out to people through social media and all of the sudden a few volunteers told other people and so on. One day I turned around and realized I had 100 enthusiastic volunteers assisting me with the event! You better believe they were well thanked and appreciated. The next time volunteers were needed for a project or event, I had a slew of volunteers to help.

5) Recruit volunteers and donors to guest blog for you.

You can recruit guest bloggers from your donors, experts in the community, board members, or volunteers. Having guest bloggers is a “win-win” You get your constituents’ personal stories and fresh blog content (without having to write it all yourself); your guest bloggers get to relate why they’re connected to your cause or how your organization is helping them battle cancer, save an animal’s life, retrain for a job, etc. As an added bonus, when a guest blogger writes a post, you can bet he or she will share it with his or her network, increasing your organization’s reach and building your credibility. The best people to spread the word about your nonprofit are those who are invested and who are passionate about your cause.

Here’s to hoping you will get more excited and effective with your blogging. Just start typing and see what happens. You can always delete and start over again.

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