Peer to Peer Fundraising

By | April 23, 2016

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Our Peer-to-Peer Fundraising leverages the social media and viral effect of the internet. Fundraisers gain support from leveraging their network of close acquaintance. People are more inclined to give to a cause for like a child on the Autism Spectrum from a loved one that from an unknown solicitor.

An organization allows, via the Peer to Peer platform, supporters the ease and opportunity to translate their enthusiasm for the nonprofit and its mission to dollars to help the nonprofit thereby furthering the organizations cause. The P2P platform is easy to use and a speedy process for individuals, teams, groups, schools or businesses to create a personal fundraiser page for and share campaigns and events worldwide. The Peer to Peer platform is another vehicle for the annual donation asks or other direct campaigns.

The larger the individual network the larger the reach for Potential donations. By tapping into the network of supporters, the nonprofit accesses a new population of donors separated by one degree of relationship separation.

  • Quick fundraising page setup enables participants to be up and fundraising in no time
  • Supporters can easily share, Facebook share, tweet, email and even embed fundraising forms and real-time progress displays on their personal blog, website and Facebook page
  • All personal fundraising pages are responsive and supported on all mobile platforms
  • Simple tracking of offline donations provides a more complete view of results
  • A campaign dashboard enables administrators to configure status bars and monitor overall progress in real time
  • Self-service center enables real-time updates, changes and emails, reducing support time

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