How to Pass Your School’s Fundraising Test

By | January 30, 2017

School Fundraiser

Over the past few years, US schools have faced severe budget cuts. The budget allocated per pupil at the K-12 and also in college levels has come down at an alarming level. As a result, more and more institutions are now turning to their own fundraising programs and activities to fill the shortage. In this age of active presence and influence of social media the older methods of fundraising are proving to be insufficient and, to some extent, inefficient. Schools have been raising funds merely by selling products like candy, popcorn or gift wraps but they cannot fulfill even 25% of the fund requirements of the schools.

When your institute needs funds for purchasing classroom supplies or essential equipments such as printers, computers, equipments for the science labs or art and music instruments, the amount runs in thousands and you cannot think of collecting the amount just by selling small gifts – you need a scalable fundraising solution!

Here are a few key questions you should ask yourself when selecting a tool for your next school fundraising campaign:

  • Can you design a campaign either for a specific cause such as buying classroom supplies, PTA fundraiser or crowdfunding for tuition?
  • Can you start your campaign as a teacher, student, parent or an administrator?
  • Does the donation platform work well for both individuals and non-profit organizations or institutes?
  • Can you design a customized campaign and easily spread it through contacts and groups or social networks?
  • Are there analytics to help you to modify your strategy for better results?Can you customize/personalize the fundraising tool for your specific institute easily?
  • Can donors earn points for the money raised/ donated and earn rewards/ prizes?
  • Is the donation page you create mobile friendly?
  • Can the school generate a cost report showing how the money was spent at the end of the campaign?

If you can answer YES to most of these questions, congratulations – you are well on your way to passing your school’s fundraising test with flying colors!

For information on how easy it is to set up a fundraising campaign customized for your educational institution and their specific needs, please reach out to Missio – we would be thrilled to help you support your school and its many needs!

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